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 Contact Information  ✦ Business Agreement  ✦ Photo Release 
                                       2017 - 2018 
                              Contact Information
Student Name:________________________Date:___________
Parent(s) Name:_______________________________________

Address(include zip code)_____________________________



Home Phone:_____________Cell:_____________text ok____ 


                              Photo/Video Release

I,_____________________________, give permission to photograph and/or video my child __________________at MusicWithMindy Learning Studio during music lessons, camps or group activities. I also give permission for any images taken to be used on the studio bulletin boards, website, social media and printed promotional materials for the studio.

                    Business Agreement for lessons

Parent Please Read and Initial:

_____I have read the Private Lesson Guidelines located at and agree to these terms:

_____I understand that it is important to encourage my child to practice each day and I will check the assignment book each week for any messages sent home.

_____I have read the policies regarding absences, and realize that it is my responsibility to request a make-up lesson when I call to cancel.   

_____I understand that the monthly tuition fees are due on the 1st day of each month, paying in advance for that month.  This year’s fee is $84.00/month.

_____I have read the policies regarding payment, and understand that I am to pay September and June payments during the 1st month of lessons.  The June payment will count as the 30-day notice if I stop lessons before the end of the school year.

_____I will contact Mindy in the event of any financial hardship or special circumstance regarding payment.

_____I know that the lesson schedule is on the website and that the next scheduled lesson is noted in my child’s assignment book.  Requests for changes may be noted there by myself or Mindy or via phone or email as needed.

Parent Signature:_________________________________